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| GNG News COD | Published: August 19, 2023 |


The Modern Warfare III marketing campaign is now well underway with the game officially being revealed in Modern Warfare II's Warzone mode this week. Content Creators were flown out to Sledgehammer Studios last week to get hands on experience with the Multiplayer and discuss the future of the Campaign and Zombies mode.

One of the most interesting updates was that the rumored 'Las Almas' Warzone map would also be used as a Zombies map but even more surprisingly the maps name and location has changed, with Sledgehammer deciding that we need yet another desert map set in the Middle-East.

It is said but various Content Creators, such as MrDalekJD, that the map layout is almost identical to Las Almas but has been changed from the colorful, vibrant Mexican location to yet another brown/grey desert map more in line with Al-Mazrah.

Eagle-eyed players noticed that within the Zombies, a game mode that will share the Warzone map going forward, teaser image that the infamous 'Burger Town' sign was in Arabic, another clue to the changes made to Las Almas.

It is unclear at this time why the map has changed in appearance and location. Our only guess is that it serves some narrative purpose that we yet don't understand.

Las Almas, or indeed what ever it is called now, is expected to launch in some way with Modern Warfare III on November 10 as a new Outbreak Zombies mode. It will then release into Warzone in December for MWIII Season 01.

Honestly, do we really need another desert map in Call of Duty?

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