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Modern Warfare II Season 02 introduced a wipe of DMZ weapons, keys and mission progress. Insured Weapon slots have been made easier to obtain.


Modern Warfare II x Warzone 2 Season 02 has finally launched and it brings with it changes to the increasingly popular DMZ mode. The start of the season has seen a "wipe", where contraband and key stashes were reset to nothing. Tiers and Mission progress was also reset and reworked to be simpler for newer users.

How to obtain Insured Weapon Slots 2 and 3

Insured Slot 2

  • Complete the Tier 1 Story Mission for Black Mous.

To unlock Black Mous you must first complete the Missions 'Train Tracks' for White Lotus and 'Untraceable' for Legion. Both are the Story Missions for Tier 2 (the final mission for the tier 2)

Insured Slot 3

  • Complete the Tier 5 Story Mission of ANY Faction or Tier 3 Story Mission of Crown.

Complete every mission for a single Faction or the final mission of Tier 3 'Crown' Faction. NOTE: The Crown Faction is only available to those who own Modern Warfare II Standard or Vault Edition.

Insured Weapon Slots are exempt from any future wipe as far as we know so it is worth trying to bust these out as they will remain yours forever.

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