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| GNG News COD | Published: June 12, 2023 |


DMZ Season 04 will introduce some major changes to how we play, rank up and unlock upgrades and rewards. One major change coming with the seasonal update is Faction Reputation. This new system will replace the original Tiers for unlocking rewards and Insured Weapon slots.

Previously players finished a set of missions in a tier for each Faction to progress to the next tier, reaching a certain tier level unlocked the Insured Weapon slots. That system has been reworked and streamlined.

Faction Reputation acts more like a traditional XP bar, that you fill up by completing Faction Missions and Story Missions but now with the added Urgent Missions. This should make the leveling process more fluid as you can be working on far more than just 3 Faction Missions per match and will gain Reputation by following through with Urgent Missions.

It is unclear how much Reputation will be earned from Urgent Missions, Story Missions and standard Faction Missions. As you can see in the screenshot above the mission Committed Shopper gives 100 Reputation. If this scales with mission difficulty remains to be seen.

Once we have got hands on with the new update we will be sharing more in-depth, detailed guides on everything that is being added to DMZ so be sure to stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter for Daily DMZ and Warzone News, Tips, Tricks and Guides.


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