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| GNG News COD | Published: June 8, 2023 |


A brand new feature is coming to DMZ on June 14 with Season 04, the Forward Operating Base (FOB). It is a new system designed to help players unlock important aspects of the game, like Insured Weapons, faster.

The FOB is designed to be a centralized hub for all communications and Operator upgrades within DMZ. This new menu system allows Operators to complete objectives to earn a variety of upgrades to use in DMZ. There are 4 different categories of upgrades.


Wallet and Key Stash size increases.

Weapon Locker

Insured Weapons and Contraband Weapon armaments and upgrades.

Bounty Board

For Exfil, Bartering Recipes, and Buy-Station Discounts.

Communications Station

The Comms Station allows players to access the new 'Urgent Missions'.

All of the above upgrades are passive - they do not need to be equipped and allow for effiecient progress across all aspects of DMZ.

More details are expected on June 9 with an in-depth DMZ blog post from Infinity Ward. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days. Follow us on Twitter for Daily Call of Duty: DMZ news, tips and guides.

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