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New '8-Bit' Mode coming to Modern Warfare III in Season 4 Reloaded

8-bit soap skin

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is set to introduce a novel mode in Season 4 Reloaded, transforming Favela and Operators into 8-bit pixels. Indeed, kudos to Sledgehammer Games for breaking new ground with this update.

The latest Playlist Modifier, 'Bit Party,' offers a unique Call of Duty Multiplayer experience in glorious 8-bit. In this mode, eliminating opponents causes your Operator's head to inflate, with head sizes ranging from small to large. Upon being eliminated, your head size resets to small.

Having a larger than usual cranium obviously makes you a much bigger target for enemy players but it does come with some benefits. The larger your head goes, the more points you will earn for eliminating enemies in Team Deathmatch, picking up tags in Kill Confirmed, and holding down objectives in Hardpoint. Whilst in Domination, bigger heads will capture flags more quickly.

8-bit favela reskin bitvela

Bit Party will be played on a new variant of Favela, aptly named Bitvela. This updated version of the 6v6 map will be completely covered in 8-bit cubes to really sell the upcoming mode. Everything from cars, buildings, trees, clouds and more will be completely pixelated.

8-bit blitz tracer pack mwiii

Along side the Bit Party Playlist update you can expect to find the '8-Bit Blitz' Operator Bundle in the store that matches the pixel-art aesthetic of the brand-new game mode. This bundle will include 8-Bit skins for Farah, Captain Price, Ghost, and Soap, as well as other cosmetic items and weapon blueprints.

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 4 launches on June 26. The Bit Party Playlist will be available at S4R launch.

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