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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: November 8, 2023 |


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Zombies is coming. Zombies sees players dropping into the upcoming Warzone map, Urzikstan and battling the undead while completing challenges and missions. Here is some basic intel you need to know before jumping into the undead DMZ-style mode on November 10.

MWZ Perks

  • Deadshot Daiquiri

  • Death Perception

  • Elemental Pop

  • Jugger-Nog

  • PHD Flopper

  • Quick Revive

  • Speed Cola

  • Stamin-Up

  • Tombstone Soda

Perks are like special cans of drink that give you a variety of extra abilities. Speed Cola will give you increased reload speed where Jugger-Nog will increase your Health Points. Each Perk offers a unique bonus. These can be purchased from Perk Machines across Urzikstan.

MWZ Field Upgrades

  • Energy Mine

  • Frenzied Guard

  • Healing Aura

  • Frost Blast

  • Aether Shroud

  • Tesla Storm

Those of you who have played Black Ops Cold War will be familiar with these Field Upgrades. They are an extension of Perks that help and protect players and their squads during infil to the Zombies universe.

Players select one of these Field Upgrades when entering a match, that again have unique effects. Healing Aura will replenish yours and your teammates health, Tesla Storm causes a large lightening storm to summon around you, eliminating nearby zombies. These Field Upgrades are on a cooldown and need to be recharged so they cannot be spammed.

MWZ Acquisitions & Schematics

Acquisitions are single-use items that players collect during Zombies runs that are successfully extracted from the dead zone. These can include perk cans, kill streaks and other lootable items. You can also gather Schematics to craft items that slot into your rucksack.

Schematics are highly sought-after plans that permanently allow you to craft Acquisitions that you can add to your Rucksack. Schematics have a cooldown period, after which they can be brought into the Exclusion Zone.

Types of Acquisitions and Schematics that can be found or crafted:

  • Aetherium

  • Aether Tools

  • Perk-a-Colas

  • Ammo Mods

  • Wonder Weapons

MWZ Missions

Missions are tasks handed to the player to be completed in-game. We aren't entirely sure what these missions will be yet but if you have played DMZ you can probably expect these style's of mission to carry over into Modern Warfare Zombies. Eliminate this person or persons, Collect these items and take them to x, etc.

Three Tiers of Storyline building Missions will be available at launch. Sadly, not all missions will be immediately available at launch. Completing Missions will give the player bonus XP, Cosmetic Items, Durable Items, Double XP Tokens, and Acquisitions. Completing all three Tiers will unlock a REDACTED reward.

MWZ Parameters

Modern Warfare Zombies is played on the large open-world map of Urzikstan which gives the players freedom to go and do as they want. There is plenty to do when roaming the Middle-Eastern countryside.

  • Explore the Low, Medium and High threat zones.

  • Complete Contracts, again similar to DMZ

  • Use collected Essence to buy Upgrades, Perks, Weapons and Gear

  • Extract looted items

Other things found in the Dead Zone include Buy-Stations, Wallbuys, Perk Machines, Pack-a-Punch, and the Mystery Box. Spend Essence to get these additional Upgrades while in-game.


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