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Modern Warfare Zombies 'Unstable Rift' Season 4 Reloaded Explained

MWZ Unstable Rift Season 4 Reloaded Explained

Season 4 Reloaded is set to introduce the brand new Unstable Rift feature to Modern Warfare Zombies. What exactly are these rifts, and how does one access them? Let's delve into everything that is known about this fresh addition to the undead mode.

Modern Warfare Zombies Season 4 Reloaded is set to launch on June 26. Unfortunately, this update will not include as much new content as Zombies players have come to expect. While there will be no new Schematics or Dark Aether zones, a novel feature known as 'Unstable Rift' will be introduced.

unstable rift modern warfare zombies season 4 reloaded

What are Unstable Rifts in MWZ

Unstable Rifts, as described by Sergei Ravenov, are violent anomalies that players must race against time and complete challenges to access. Only the first squad to reach a Rift and vote to enter will be transported into it, with several Rift entrances appearing in each match.

Unstable Rifts offer a return to a previously visited section of a Rift, but with a twist: a large horde of Zombies and other monstrous horrors immediately besiege you. You must withstand intense waves of enemies until either the hordes are vanquished or your team is overrun.

The description of Unstable Rifts suggests a Round-Based experience, where waves of zombies besiege you in confined areas of pre-existing Dark Aether Rifts.

unstable rift season 4 reloaded mwz

Why Complete an Unstable Rift?

You might wonder what the purpose is of completing Unstable Rifts when there are no new Schematics or bonuses for finishing them. The answer lies in the reward for survival.

If you and your squad withstand the undead horrors within the Unstable Rift, all of your Schematic Cooldown Timers will be instantly reset, allowing you to redeem any Schematic for the subsequent match. This activity can be undertaken repeatedly, as often as your squad can successfully enter an Unstable Rift.

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