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Modern Warfare Zombies Season 3 Content Overview

Updated: Apr 4

| GNG News COD | Published: March 29, 2024 |

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 3 will launch on April 3 but Modern Warfare Zombies fans will have to wait until the mid-season event for new content to be added to the undead mode.

  • New Schematics

  • New Warlord

  • New Dark Aether Rift

  • New Story Mission

Season 3 Reloaded Schematics

Season 3 Reloaded will introduce 3 new Schematics that can be obtained by completing tasks in the upcoming Dark Aether Rift.

  • Dead Wire Detonators - This Schematic adds the Dead Wire Ammo Mod to Lethals and Launchers, making them more deadly.

  • Golden Mask Filter - Drastically improves the life-span of the Gas Mask but also regenerates itself for the remainder of the match. Great for taking on Zombie Strongholds and Dark Aether Rifts.

  • Sergeant's Beret - Wearing the Sergeant's Beret will disguise you to enemy AI Mercs, meaning they won't attack you. It will also spawn your own personal AI Merc Bodyguard.

Warlord: Rainmaker

As with previous seasons, a new Warlord will be cycled in and out of matches of Modern Warfare Zombies. Rainmaker can be found on Raaha Island, located in the Southeast corner of Urzikstan.

Rainmaker's island fortress is heavily defended by Mortar Strikes and RPG-wielding Mercs. The Fortress will be heavily defended by AI and booby traps.

If previous rewards are any indication on what to expect it will likely be rare loot and a weapon blueprint dropped upon his defeat.

Dark Aether Rift 3.0

A third Dark Aether Rift will be available to enter in Season 3 Reloaded. The entrance to this Rift will become clear at the launch of S3R but we know that it will transport us to Al Mazrah's Hydroelectric region.

The Modern Warfare Zombie storyline will be continued inside the Dark Aether Rift, with it being suggested we must save Dr. Jansen from something. Entering a second time using a Sigil will grant access to Contracts inside the area, this is how the Schematics will be unlocked.

New Story Mission - Saving Dr. Jansen

An unknown force of disturbing power has its psychic tendrils wrapped tightly around Dr. Ava Jansen. The doctor has been lured unto a new region of the Dark Aether under this malignant influence.


Strike Teams from Operation Deadbolt have converged to assist Sergei Ravenov as he attempts to locate and rescue Dr. Jansen from the unknown. Your expertise surviving and escaping the Dark Aether is required. The time has come to explore a new part of the Dark Aether, and rescue Dr. Jansen, and readying up for another Dark Aether Gate hunt.

We don't have an exact date for Season 3 Reloaded yet but once we do we will update this post. Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) for Daily Call of Duty News, Guides and more.


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