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Modern Warfare Zombies 'Containment Level' Requirements and Rewards

| GNG News COD | Published: March 7, 2024 |

Call of Duty has introduced a new 'Containment Level' feature for Modern Warfare Zombies. Players can earn semi-permanent rewards that carry on into the next match. There is a caveat to it though, when you die in-game, you go back to 0.

Players must complete contracts in-game to rank up their Containment Level to earn rewards to carry into future matches with the maximum being Containment Level 100.

We've put together a list of all Containment requirements and rewards. The first level is rewarded for completing 2 Contracts, the next 5 Contracts, then 8 Contracts and so on.

Containment Levels

  • 2 - Start with 500 Essence

  • 5 - Start with 5 Armor Plates

  • 8 - Start with 1000 Essence

  • 12 - 30% off Perk Machine Cost

  • 20 - Start with 1500 Essence

  • 30 - +30% Contract Essence Reward

  • 40 - Start with 2500 Essence

  • 50 - 50% off Mystery Box Cost

  • 75 - Start with 5000 Essence

  • 100 - 20% off Pack-a-Punch Cost

If you die in the match your containment level will be reset back to zero. We are unsure at this time if there is a disconnect or crash protection on this Containment Levels.

Note: Essence Rewards do not stack.

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Mar 24

Question - if I die in game, but someone revives me and I still manage to exfoliate successfully, will my containment levels stay? I think this is what happened to me yesterday/ last night, but I’ve died several times before the last update and only lost one tier, not all of them. I just lost 87 levels and I am very unhappy!

Mar 31
Replying to

It's a joke, I've lost mine 4 times now, no deaths just reset to 0. I should be on 100 now quite easily.

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