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Modern Warfare Zombies: '141 Training Week' Event Challenges Guide

| GNG Gaming News | Published: November 30, 2023 |


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has entered it's third week in a row with an in-game challenge. This week is slightly different to the two previous weeks that saw us earning 21,000 XP over any mode to complete. This week there are a set of specific challenges for players to complete to unlock exclusive rewards in both Multiplayer and Zombies. This is a guide on how to compete all 5 Challenges in Zombies.

MWZ '141 Training Week' Challenges

  • Get 50 Kills with a Pack-a-Punched Melee Weapon (Crowned Calling Card)

  • Get 15 Mercenary Critical Kills (Double XP Token)

  • Get 50 Kills shortly after reloading with the Speed Cola Perk active (Double Weapon XP Token)

  • Destroy 4 Vehicles (Forever Farah Weapon Sticker)

  • Get 141 Critical Kills (TF141 Emblem)

Completing all 5 challenges will unlock the 'Soft Target' Weapon Camo for all weapons.

Get 50 Kills with a Pack-a-Punched Melee Weapon

Before entering a match equip the Karambit or Gutter Knife as your Insured Weapon and take it into the game. Once in you need to Pack-a-Punch the knife.

This can either be done by completing Contracts and earning 5000 Essence to purchase the upgrade at a Pack-a-Punch machine or simply just take an Aether Crystal with you and apply it at the start of the game. Running around in the Low Threat Zone slashing the undead will unlock this pretty fast.

Get 15 Mercenary Critical Kills

Critical Kills are earned when you finish an enemy by shooting them in the head. Finding Mercs isn't usually a problem in Urzikstan. Head to Mercenary Strongholds, Merc Camps, or find Merc based Contracts. All of these locations usually have close to 15 Mercs deployed at them.

Get 50 Kills shortly after reloading with the Speed Cola Perk active

Again, the fastest way to do this is either using a Schematic or Speed Cola Can saved from a previous match so that you have it as soon as the game starts. I personally completed this challenge with the WSP Stinger pistol. As it has such a small magazine you will constantly need to reload. Get into the habit of reloading after each kill and this will tick off fast.

Destroy 4 Vehicles

Another easy one. Destroy 4 vehicles in Urzikstan. This includes, trucks, quads, chop tops, hatchbacks, and even the boats. Check your minimap to locate all nearby vehicles when you enter a game and use your Lethal and Weapons to destroy 4.

Get 141 Critical Kills

As we previously stated, Critical Kills are basically headshots. During the course of your match just take the time to aim a bit higher and you'll cruise through all 141 kills. Deadshot Daiquiri will give you an increased chance at Criticals.

Once you have completed all 5 challenges you will unlock the 'Soft Target' Weapon Skin that can be applied to any weapon. You can find it under the All Camo's tab filed away in 'Events'.

It is possible to complete every challenge in a single game.

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