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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: November 13, 2023 |


Call of Duty Zombies is well known of its secret Easter Eggs, challenges and quests. Modern Warfare Zombies is no different. Within Urzikstan there is a challenge to feed a Hellhound and make it friendly.

How to turn a Hellhound friendly

Collect 'Chunks of Flesh' from dead zombies. These will drop randomly throughout the match but seems to have a higher chance at dropping at the exfil sites. Take 1 - 4 of these Chunks of Flesh to one of the many 'Dog Houses' that are found around Urzikstan and feed them to the Hellhound.

This challenge doesn't always work. The Dog House has a chance of burning down or the Hellhound howls and runs away. Completing this Easter Egg and then subsequently petting the Hellhound also unlocks the Achievement 'Pet a Dog'.

Urzikstan 'Dog House' Locations

These are the currently known locations that Dog Houses can spawn. They seem to be randomized each match and don't always spawn at all locations. If a player has already completed the challenge the Dog House will disappear.

The Dog Houses will not appear on the Tac-Map or the Mini-map unless you are in the vicinity of them, so keep an eye out for the Hellhound in a house icon on the map.

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