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Updated: Oct 12, 2023

| GNG News COD | Published: September 18, 2023 |


The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Zombies marketing campaign is now well underway with players receiving text and WhatsApp messages from the original Modern Warfare III teaser number.

If you want to take part in the Zombies teaser event either text or WhatsApp message this number: +12029183022 with the word 'READY'. Doing this will start the following thread.

The first image players will see is the one above. It shows a modern phone on a desk on top of a map. The location detailed on this map is still unknown. It is likely a section of the upcoming Warzone / Zombies map expected to launch alongside Modern Warfare III.

There are 2 other interesting Easter Eggs within this initial picture. The first is the red diary seen on the bottom right of the screen. It is engraved with the Omega Group logo. The Omega Group are a Russian-military backed organization that set out to harness the power of otherworldly substances within the Dark Aether. The second secret in the picture can be located in the top left of the image. This is what is known as the LT53 Kazimir, a modernized version of the Gersh Device.

"Uncontained incident reported - UR. Origin unknown. Local services unresponsive. Langley wants you on this with me. Local comms are all noise. One credible lead."

"Need to get a fence around this before it goes wide. - SSO SG"

The location

If you reply to this thread with 'REQUIEM' a further teaser is revealed.

To all personnel,

It am proud to announce that Requiem's primary objective has been met. The outbreak has been contained, and those responsible taken into custody.

Effective immediately, Requiem is dissolved. Please report to your supervisor for sanitation procedures and exit interviews.

- Director

This last piece of intel, dated June 11, 1985, seems to neatly wrap up the ending of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, stating that Requiems mission has been completed and they have since been dissolved. This letter is signed "Director" who is nonother than Edward Richtofen as revealed at the end of BOCW Zombies.

This article will be kept up-to-date as more teasers are revealed so be sure to stay tuned.

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