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Call of Duty's latest mode borrows heavily from games like of Destiny 2.


Infinity Ward hasn't shared many details on Raids, in fact, they have basically said nothing about it other than it exists. So, let's look at what we do know, some speculation and insider intel about the upcoming mode.

What is a Raid? Well, if you have ever played Destiny 2 you will be familiar with the concept. A team of players enter a zone, fighting their way from A to B. Raids usually contain puzzles of some kind to slow the players progress down and increasingly tough enemies before an epic battle against a main boss at the end of the Raid. Why? For a ton of loot.

"Three-player cooperative engagement requiring teamwork and strategic, puzzle-solving thinking in-between bouts of intense combat." - IW Call of Duty Blog

The only official description we have of the upcoming game mode comes from the Call of Duty Blog post by Infinity Ward. An interesting note here is that the mode has a maximum team size of 3. For comparison, Destiny allows 6 players per team and World of Warcraft has 5 per team, although WoW can scale up to 40 players per raid.

Fans of the Treyarch Zombie mode will be pleased to learn that Raids will contain puzzle-solving. It isn't clear what these puzzles will entail, although we do have some leaks to discuss further down this article. Given the nature of the game we can speculate it'll involve door codes, weapons of mass destruction codes, basically anything to do with modern tech. It's not likely we're going to be finding Runes and placing them in the correct order on a huge stone magical portal.

"Intense combat" you guessed it. AI will play a huge role in this game mode. You'll face off against various types of enemies and vehicles as you move through the raid. Infinity Ward has claimed that their AI is some of the most advanced ever seen in video games, although if you played 'Invasion' in the Modern Warfare II Beta this weekend you might be scratching your head at that statement.

So, with the facts and some personal speculation out of the way let's turn to leaks. You can't talk about leaks without mentioning the insider-superstar Tom Henderson, you can read his full article HERE. Somehow this guy knows everything about Call of Duty before Call of Duty knows about Call of Duty.

According to Tom's sources the first Raid we will get to play will be set in a Submarine base. During this mission the team of 3 had to infiltrate the Sub Pen by diving underwater and sharing oxygen tanks to keep breathing. It is said that this style of teamwork will appear in all of the Raids. Another of Tom's sources stated, "It's like destiny, but more tactical". Data miners have found 3 individual missions in the Modern Warfare II files, so some effort is being placed on this mode.

That about covers everything we know about the Raid mode so far. Personally, we think this mode has huge potential. Bungie, the creators of Destiny left Activision a few years ago and it has left a hole in their catalogue for a First-Person RPG game. It is great to see Call of Duty experiment with more PvE focused content this time around to broaden its player base and draw in some fresh blood, that otherwise wouldn't be playing CoD games. This title will truly have something for everyone.



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