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Modern Warfare II: What Game Modes are coming at Launch

Modern Warfare II is the most packed Call of Duty game we've ever had. There is a bunch of classic game modes returning with the addition of new modes too.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is the most stacked Call of Duty game we have ever had. It brings back a Campaign, Multiplayer, Warzone 2.0, Spec Ops and DMZ. Some of the content will release further down the line alongside Warzone 2.0 on November 16th but what can we expect to be playing at launch?

Game Modes

You can expect the classic, popular game modes to return but there are also some new ones to spice things up.

Classic Modes

  • Team Deathmatch

  • Domination

  • Hardpoint

  • Search and Destroy

  • Ground War (32 vs 32)

New Modes

  • Invasion (20 vs 20 with 20 extra AI per team)

  • Prison Rescue

  • Knockout

New Mode Deeper Dive

The new modes include Invasion, this is a large-scale combat mode similar to ground war with 20 vs 20 players but each team is bolstered with 20 AI each. This is likely designed to be more forgiving for new players. They'll get the buzz and experience of killing bots essentially.

Prisoner Rescue seems to be a favourite from the MWII beta so far. Players get one life and must either extract or protect a VIP prisoner. The spin on this game mode is that players who are knocked out can be revived. This means that some serious clutches can be achieved.

Knockout "Eliminate the other team or be holding the cash when the timer runs out." this mode is similar to Prisoner Rescue, but teams fight over the control of a pile of cash or simple wipe the enemy out to win.

It is worth mentioning, although Ground War isn't a new mode it hasn't been in Call of Duty for a couple of years. It will offer large-scale, battlefield style matches of 32 vs 32. You'll be able to command tanks, trucks, jeeps and even helicopters in big open maps.

The Modern Warfare beta kicks off again Sept 22 for pre-orders and opens to everyone on the 24th. The game releases October 28th.



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