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Modern Warfare II: Tarkov-inspired DMZ Confirmed by NFL Player

The LA Rams got to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II early and accidentally leaked DMZ and the lobby menu.


The LA Rams, an NFL team in America have been playing Modern Warfare II early at Infinity Ward. NFL players getting invited to play the latest Call of Duty game is nothing new, each year they are invited to play, asked for feedback and ultimately expected to tweet, post, or share their excitement for the game as free advertising on social media for Activision. This year however, some substantial leaks have come of it.

One LA Rams player posted a short video to his Instagram page showing off the fact he was getting to play Modern Warfare II early, what he didn't realise was that he was actually leaking a well kept secret, a brand new game mode heavily inspired by Escape from Tarkov, DMZ.

For many months leakers have been slowly sharing details about Activisions best kept secret but we have had no official news or acknowledgement from the publisher that it actually existed. This leak proves it does exist and that it is in the game ready to go, although it is speculated it will release along side Warzone 2.0 as it will share the same map.

The leaks didn't stop there either. Another player accidentally leaked the games lobby menu screen. The image above details a pretty standard custom lobby menu, with the only thing of note being 'Valderas Museum' being confirmed as a map. We previously saw this map image in the Call of Duty: Mobile leaks a few weeks ago.



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