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A guide on everything that is coming to Modern Warfare II's first season including Warzone 2.0 and DMZ content.

| 10 November 2022 |


Modern Warfare II Season 1

Call of Duty has revealed the roadmap for Modern Warfare II's first Season. It is absolutely packed full of content, we might even go as far as to say that it's more than the launch of the core game. What can you expect during the Season 1 of MWII?

The biggest news is the roll out of Warzone 2.0 and the brand new DMZ mode. You can expect new maps, new operators and new weapons. Lets take a look at everything coming in Season 1 and break it all down.

As per usual we can expect a lot of content with each season. There aren't many surprises in here and Call of Duty seems to be following the same roadmaps as previous titles.

Whats coming?

  • Shoot House + Shipment

  • Al Mazrah + DMZ

  • 4 New Weapons

  • New Battle Pass system

  • Modern Warfare FC event

  • 6 New Operators

  • Raids

  • New Spec Ops Mission

  • more

Season 1 Launch Content

NEW Battle Pass Progression System

Previous Call of Duty Battle Passes required players to gain in-game play time to level up from tier 1 to 100. A new system is being introduced that gives players more control over how they level their Battle Pass. You will earn Battle Pass tokens that you can spend on what seems to be a system similar to Skill Trees.

All items are broken down into 5 subsections with 20 items each. You can put all of your Tokens into one of these subsections and unlock those 20 items first or spread them out across all the subsections. The choice is yours. Once we know more about this system we'll bang an article out about it.

Warzone 2.0 and DMZ

Warzone 1 will be renamed to Warzone Caldera, the bad news here is that Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep will be removed from the game and will seemingly be taken away permanently. No 'small map' is expected until early next year for Warzone 2.0.

Warzone 2.0 introduces new mechanics like a new bag system, new loot systems and AI interacts. DMZ is a Tarkov-inspired game mode where players loot and extract to claim rewards. We're writing dedicated articles to each mode so we won't bang on about it to much here.

New Maps

2 new maps will be coming to Modern Warfare II that should signal good news to Warzone and DMZ players too. If you own MWII then you will be able to play the classic maps Shoothouse and Shipment (yes, they aren't 'New Maps' but remakes). These maps are fan favourites because you can level weapons insanely fast on both, especially Shipment. Sadly, Shipment will not being coming until the mid-season update in a few weeks time. Although not as effective at weapon leveling, Shoothouse can get the job done too.

NEW Weapons

BAS-P SMG — Bruen Ops Platform

An aggressive fire rate and modular frame make the BAS-P perfect for the discerning operator who wants to customize their submachine gun. Subsonic ammo hides kill skulls from the enemy team.

How to unlock: Free weapon within the Battle Pass.

Victus XMR Sniper Rifle — Imperatorium Platform

Hard hitting, bolt action sniper rifle with .50 cal BMG ammunition. Its tungsten sabot tipped bullets are fast and powerful, but require precise shots over long distances.

How to unlock: Free weapon within the Battle Pass.

M13B Assault Rifle — Bruen Ops Platform

The M13B features a short-stroke pistol system that allows for a high rate of fire and low recoil.

How to unlock: Store Bundle or Weapon Unlock Challenge


Mid-Season Update


Shipment is a fan favourite map. Its small size allows players to spam kills and level weapons super fast. It is also perfect for completing the Weapon Camo Challenges as well. The layout of the map hasn't changed as you'd expect but the location it is set in has. And, yes, Shipment is now located on a ship.


If you have ever played or watched Destiny then you will be familiar with the idea of Raids. A team of players (Maximum of 3) complete a mission together before fighting and beating an end boss. These raids will include team-work elements and puzzle solving. The first raid is coming during the mid-season update.

Call of Duty didn't share much information about Raids but it would appear previous leaks about the mode could be correct. Raid 1 will be set in a Submarine base involving underwater sections, puzzle solving and working together as a team.

Chimera (AR)

With an integrated suppressor and slow, high-energy .300 BLK rounds, the Chimera is adept at close-quarters combat. Subsonic Ammo hides skulls from the enemy team.

How to unlock: Store Bundle or Weapon Unlock Challenge.

Modern Warfare II FC Event

3 new Football Stars, yes Football, not Soccer! Messi, Pogba and Neymar are coming to Modern Warfare II, Warzone 2.0 and COD Mobile as playable Operators in-season. Likely around the time the World Cup kicks off.

Gaz Operator

Task Force 141 Gaz is also coming as an Operator in-season.


The final in-season Operator is Klaus... yup. Santa is coming to Modern Warfare II.

"A member of Denmark’s Elite Special Forces, Klaus Fisker can almost be considered a living legend among Operators.

Some say his scotopic vision — his natural night vision — was powerful enough to help him navigate a mile in pitch-black darkness before he could read. Others witnessed his exceptional training record, leading his peers with unbridled optimism through exercises.

But legend was made one night on the Urzikstan border, where he carried a wounded comrade 18 miles to the nearest base using the lessons taught by his father . . . and an unusual amount of chocolate that wounded solder carried with him."



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