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A guide on how to get Gold camos for every weapon in Modern Warfare II


Obtaining the Gold camos for Modern Warfare II is the easiest it has ever been in Call of Duty. In previous years players had to complete 10 different challenges that required hundreds of kills in various ways. Well, Infinity Ward has completely overhauled and streamlined the process so that now everyone has a shot at getting their favourite weapons in Gold.

All you need to do is complete 4 challenges that are 'randomly' assigned to each of the weapons and one final 5th challenge for gold itself.

  • 50 Kills

  • 50 ADS Kills (Aim Down Sight)

  • 10 Double Kills

  • 15 Kills from Behind

  • 20 Mounted Kills

  • 2 Kills within 10 Seconds

  • 3 Kills in one life 10 times

The hardest part about completing these challenges is that they are locked behind a level wall. You need to rank up the gun fully to unlock all the challenges. The order that you are given these challenges changes. The levels each Camo Challenge unlocks at are usually 2, 8, 13 and 19 but we've seen variation on this.

You'll be given 4 core challenges to complete from the list above and then one final one for unlocking the actual Gold camo, which is the 3 kills in a single life 10 times. Note: This is capped at 3 kills so if you go on a mad bender and kill tens of enemies it will NOT count towards it. After 3 kills you may as well die.

Best Strategy - Level Weapons

Currently the absolute best strategy to level up weapons is the game mode 'Invasion'. Killing bots rewards the full 100 XP you'd get from killing real players in game. Slap on a Double XP token and kill some bots.

If you're heading into 'Invasion' you'll want to try getting into the enemy spawn where the AI Heli's land, or as close to as you can get. We recommend using the Tactical Insertion and Ammo Box so if you die you spawn right back behind their spawn point and you can restock your bullets.

Best Strategy - Getting the Kills

Getting 50 Kills and 50 ADS Kills is the bread and butter of Call of Duty. You'll get these naturally by playing the game. Do take note that bot kills in 'Invasion' will not count towards the kill counter for these challenges.

We struggled the most with '15 Kills from behind'. The tactic we used saw us sitting in a corner waiting for an enemy to run past then shooting them in the back. It wasn't hard but we found it very tedious. As for 10 Double Kills, well again this is one that can occur naturally. We actually managed to get a couple of these done in Spec Ops by accident, so it does work there if you are struggling.

Melee and Launchers

The best news about this huge camo overhaul system is that Melee and Launchers now only need 50 Kills to reach the Gold camo. Gone are the days of trying to hit triple kills with launchers or backstabbing 74 people in one life. Okay, that was an exaggeration but that's how it felt sometimes.

The Combat Knife, Riot Shield and the Launchers will need levelling up before the Camo Challenge unlocks. This is usually around level 11ish.

Going Beyond Gold

Getting the Gold camo on every weapon in a class, like Assault Rifles or SMG's, will reward you with the Platinum camo for all the weapons in that category. Once you have all classes at 'Platinum' you'll be able to take on the 'Polyatomic' challenge and 'Orion' in turn.

Overall it is an incredibly easy task to unlock Gold camos for all the weapons in Modern Warfare II it just requires a little bit of planning and time. It has left some hardcore players complaining that it is too easy but we like the fact its more inclusive to everyone who purchases the game. These things should be reasonable for everyone. What are your thoughts? Why not leave a comment below.



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