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Modern Warfare II: Escape from Tarkov Inspired mode rumours.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

It is rumored that Modern Warfare II is bringing not only a campaign, multiplayer and Warzone 2.0 but a new game mode inspired by the highly acclaimed Escape from Tarkov.


Modern Warfare II will reportedly have a Tarkov-inspired game mode according to rumours circulating the internet, namely by @RalphsValve the famous Call of Duty leaker.

The current working title for the top-secret game mode is 'Project Nexus' it has supposedly been in development for 4 years, with every studio that Activision owns working on it in some compacity.

The new mode borrows heavily from the increasingly popular Escape from Tarkov game. A brutal, unforgiving, one-and-done RPG shooter where players must loot as much as possible before attempting to escape alive. It has been described as an Open-world game that carries on the story of Modern Warfare II and contains PVP and PVE elements.

"Modern Warfare 2: ‘Tarkov-inspired’ mode, currently dubbed ‘Project Nexus’, set to release free-to-play for 2023." @RalphsValve via Twitter.

According to @RalphsValve report for WhatifGaming the game will release in Beta sometime in 2023's first quarter. You may recall that Warzone initially came out on the 10th March 2020 so if we were betting people we'd put our money on a March 2023 release. It is tipped to be a Free-to-Play title.

The mode has not been officially announced and we have no further details yet. Leaks suggest that the Modern Warfare II Beta is coming in August and more details about the game are expected over the next few months so we hope to get our first look at the game soon.



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