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Simple guide detailing what you have to do to unlock the 'Crappy way to Die' achievement/trophy for the Modern Warfare II campaign.


Achievement/Trophy: 'Crappy way to Die'

Description: Kill the enemy in the porta-potty

Mission: Dark Water

Difficulty: Easy AF

This is a guide on how to unlock the 'Crappy way to Die' Achievement / Trophy in Modern Warfare II's Campaign. It's an incredibly easy one to unlock but will require some speed. You must kill the man taking a s**t in the porta-potty on the Oil Rig in Dark Water.

This happens pretty quick into the mission. After rappeling up the Oil Rig you and the team will push up a set of stairs. a couple of enemies will be gunned down on this staircase and then 2 more appear in a door way. As you are heading up this staircase you will see two porta-loos. Shoot the door of the one on the left hand side. The achievement will unlock. You need to do this as soon as you have a clear shot of the door otherwise an AI will take the kill from you.

It's that simple. We've added a video below that shows you when and where you can shoot to unlock this one.



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