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Calling Card challenges are still missing from Call of Duty Modern Warfare II but we can see them through an in-game glitch.


Modern Warfare II has launched with some standard features missing, including leaderboards and combat records. One of the major features that Call of Duty fans are accustomed to is the Calling Card challenges, it isn't in the game (yet). Lucky for us, a glitch has been found that allows players to view the Calling Cards and it's super simple to do.

How to view the Calling Cards

  • Go into a Private Match

  • Select the CDL tab

  • Edit Showcase

  • Click Calling Cards

This glitch is likely going to be patched very quickly so be sure to follow this steps to see them for yourself.

Calling Cards

There isn't much to write about in terms of the Calling Cards contents, they are fairly generic, although there are a few interesting ones. Firstly, we noted dozens of Christmas cards which makes us think Calling Card Challenges will be with us before Christmas. If we had to guess a time frame we'd say Season 1 of the Battle Pass.

There is hundreds of Calling Cards to scroll through so we can't share them all but here is a run down of some of the themes you can expect...

  • Weapon Mastery

  • Christmas

  • Task Force 141

  • Anime

  • Samurai

  • Zombie

  • Popular Brands (HyperX)

  • British, Russian, American specific etc

  • + loads more


One that really stood out to us was a HyperX card. HyperX are known for their headphones, microphones, Keyboards, Mice and other PC and Console peripherals. Why would they have their own Calling Card in the game? It's likely some kind of collaboration or maybe a free item you receive when you buy one of their products.

There are hundreds of Calling Cards you can scroll through so we're not even going to attempt to share them all on this post. Be sure to check out the glitch before it gets patched out of the game. If the instructions above don't cut it we've added a video on the steps below.



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