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Modern Warfare II Beta Rewards and Details Explained

We've got our first look at the rewards for playing the Modern Warfare II beta through September. It does not dissapoint.


Call of Duty has shared more details on the rewards that players will be able to unlock as they progress through the ranks during the beta period for Modern Warfare II. Let's take a closer look at what you can unlock and the levels required.

Weapon Blueprints, Charms, Animated Player Cards, Operator Skins and Stickers return with the addition of 'Vinyls', these are likely a new way of customising vehicles.

  • Level 2 - Animated Emblem "Smashed It"

  • Level 4 - Charm "Buckle Up"

  • Level 6 - Animated Player Card "Passed the Test"

  • Level 10 - Sticker "Operation First Blood"

  • Level 15 - Weapon Blueprint "Side Impact"

  • Level 18 - Operator Skin "Collision"

  • Level 19 - Vinyl "No Competition"

  • Level 21 - Sticker "Safety First"

  • Level 26 - "Floor It"

  • Level 30 - Weapon Blueprint "Frontal Impact"

These rewards are unlockable during both beta weekends by playing and earning XP as you would expect. Players will be able to use them during the beta but also keep them going into the main game release on October 28th.

During the COD Next event more details will be shared about the NEW Gunsmith and FJX Weapon Vault and more. Tune into COD Next on Thursday 15th September on YouTube and Twitch.



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