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Midnight Society: DrDisrespects 'Project Moon' Playable Soon

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

First look at DrDisrespect's game later this week. What to expect.


'Project Moon'

Midnight Society, the Studio set up by DrDisrespect is gearing up to share their first 'snapshot' of the game they are working on, 'Project Moon', which they describe as "the next AAA competitive PvPvE first-person shooter" or 'AAA PvPvE FPS' for short.

When is the event and what can you expect to see? we're glad you asked.

The Studio's first Founders Event known as 'Existence Invades' is happening on July 29th in Los Angeles. The event will allow founding members, people who paid 50 bucks, to hang out with the developers and get hands on with the initial build of the upcoming game with the intention of collecting feedback and data to help shape the game going forward.

What to expect from the Event

  • Look at the first Weapon for the game (Spoiler, it's an Assault Rifle)

  • Playspace

  • High-level gameplay loops

Any Founders who attend the event will be able to play the game, but those who can't make it to LA and own the Founders Pass will be able to download and play the 'slice' of the game that is being shown off to test it out for themselves.

The Event will of course be Live Streamed. You will be able to tune in on their official Discord or via YouTube.

Player Hideout

The playspace that founders will get to play is the Player Hideout. A concept seen in Escape from Tarkov, the hideout is the players private space that allows weapon tuning, charatcer customisation and practise ranges.

This event is designed to gather feedback on things like recoil, balance, reload and accuracy. Players will be able to fire the games first weapon on three seperate Shooting Ranges.

These Shooting Ranges will test the players firing skills. Stats on the players perfomance are then shared and stored. Testers will be able to share their best accuracy, time, headshots, and scores.

How to play

Sadly, if you want to play the game you needed to be one of the chosen 10,000 people who were offered a Founders Pass. If you were one of the lucky few you can attend the event or a download will be available on the day. If you purchased a Founders Pass you are able to stream and produce content of the snapshot and upload it where ever you like. No NDA's here.

If you weren't one of the lucky few then you can tune into the official live stream in the Midnight Society Discord server or their YouTube channel. We're certain Doc will be center stage for this one.

Final Thoughts

This gameplay has a lot to live up to. Over the last few months DrDisrespect and his co-workers have really been juicing this game up to be groundbreaking and game-changing, calling out other well-established Studios, like Call of Duty for looking outdated.

We're excited to see more and hopefully be able to get hands on ourselves at some point in the near future.



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