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LEGO Fortnite: How to Craft a Building or Structure

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 10, 2023 |


Building Structures in LEGO Fortnite is an essential aspect of the game. They offer warmth and protection from the harsh conditions of the world, a place for you to sleep and regain health or just something to look proper cool.

How to Craft Buildings and other Structures in LEGO Fortnite

There are dozens of building schematics within LEGO Fortnite for players to build where ever they like. Getting to grips with how these buildings work is essential.

All structures require resources such as Wood or Granite to build. As you unlock more Builds they will require rarer resources but this is a simple guide on getting started with Building.

Open the Build tab to select a Build. Once selected you will be able to pick a location to place the floor of the schematic.

Builds are broken down into pieces and Stages. You need to manually place each piece and complete each Stage as you do. Each piece will cost its own amount of Wood or Granite.

Before building you can check to see the 'total cost' of each build so you can prepare better - or just build it at your own pace, heading off to pick up more resources when you need it.

Completing each Stage will cause an onscreen notification to let you know that Stage of the Build is complete. Keep adding pieces where they are recommended to complete the Build.

As we previosuly stated, each building has its own set of blueprints and requirements. Completing new buildings will level you up and allow you to build even greater structures.

Stay tuned for more LEGO Fortnite Guides, News and more.


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