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LEGO Fortnite: How to Build a Crafting Bench

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 10, 2023 |


LEGO Fortnite is a Crafting Survival game that requires you build, scavenge, and gather resources to survive the harsh lego'y conditions of the wide open world. To progress you need to be able to build a Crafting Bench, so we are showing you how.

How to Build a Crafting Bench

Building a Crafting Bench will require 2 resources. Wood and Granite.

3/2 Wood

5/5 Granite

Both Wood and Granite can be gathered from the ground. You'll often seen bunches of branches and small rocks laying around on the floor. Head over to these items and interact with them to add them to your inventory.

Once you have gather 3 Wood and 5 Granite from the ground, open your Utility tab and select the Crafting Bench. Place it down where ever you see fit.

Once built, the Crafting Bench will allow you to craft extremely useful items such as Axes, Pickaxes, and Shovels to name a few.

Crafting these items will allow you to chop down the bigger trees and chip away the giant rocks for increased amounts of resources.

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