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Leak shows COD Ghost's Extinction 'Gargoyles' in Modern Warfare Zombies as a upcoming Boss Type

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 1, 2024 |

Extinction was a brand-new mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts, where you have to fight against hordes of aliens and destroy their hives. You could play solo or with up to three other players, and customize your loadout, skills, and abilities. Extinction had its own ranking system and unlocks, separate from the multiplayer mode.

One of the creatures from Call of Duty: Ghost's Extinction mode looks set to come to Modern Warfare Zombies thanks to a recent look. The Gargoyle was a bat-type flighting enemy that swooped and dived around in the air.

This old school enemy type could be coming to Modern Warfare Zombies soon as a Special Zombie / Bounty Hunt target if leaks are to be believed. It is unclear when it will arrive in the mode, if ever.

You can see in the footage above the Gargoyle in the Operator Selection Screen for Modern Warfare III. As far as we can tell this is legitimate footage from a legitimate source.

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