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| GNG Gaming News | Published: November 9, 2023 |


The Overwatch League, also referred to as OWL, has been in steady decline for many seasons with the games popularity dwindling and Overwatch 2 not performing as well as Blizzard had hoped. An official OWL spokesperson has confirmed that the Overwatch League will now transition into a new model.

We are transitioning from the Overwatch League and evolving competitive Overwatch in a new direction. We are grateful to everyone who made OWL possible and remain focused on building our vision of a revitalized esports program. We are excited to share details with you all in the near future.”

This news comes as yet another team, Toronto Defiant announced their exit from the League making them eligible to receive the $6 Million cancellation fee return. Toronto Defiant aren't the first team to throw in the towel with Chengdu Hunters and other teams cutting their loses in previous weeks.

It is unclear what this means for Overwatch and future iterations of the League. It is clear that this format is far too costly to remain sustainable for Blizzard and subsequently the teams that pay to play within it. That being said, competitive Overwatch will return in some form.

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