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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

| GNG News COD | Published: June 14, 2023 |


DMZ has a new Faction called Phalanx that offers different and unique Missions to previous Factions. To make way for this new Faction REDACTED and Legion have both been removed.

Thanks to the new Reputation system, getting through Faction Tiers has never been easier and faster. Not only do Standard Faction Missions and Story Missions fill up the Faction Reputation bar but so do Urgent Missions. This streamlines the process nicely.

How to unlock the Phalanx Faction in DMZ

  • Complete the Mission "Icebreaker" for the Black Mous Faction.

This is the Tier 2 Story Mission connected to Black Mous. As we said about, getting to Tier 2 is way faster than before. Complete both 1 and 2 Tiers Story Missions and access to the new Faction and it's missions is yours.

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