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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: November 10, 2023 |


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is now out world wide. It comes with a new set of Achievements / Trophy's for players on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Battlenet to complete and unlock. This is a guide on how to complete the 'Gravestone' Achievement in Modern Warfare Zombies.

Achievement: 'Gravestone'

Objective: Kill 100 Zombies in a vehicle in a single deployment in MWZ

Location: Urzikstan

This is a pretty straight forward Achievement / Trophy to unlock. Run down 100 Zombies in a vehicle in a single match. We have a few tips on how to get this one done fast.

You will need to find a vehicle first. Anything with 4 wheels is just fine. These include the Chop Top, Quadbike, Armored Truck and the Hatchback, plus any that we are missing. Drive around and run down zombies as you go.

A few issues will arise as you mow down the undead though, firstly, running down zombies will deal damage to the vehicle and you will gradually run out of fuel. We recommend that you find a cluster of vehicles close to one another so that if your vehicle does explode you can walk to another one to continue the challenge.

Gas Stations can also be located across Urzikstan. These Gas Stations act identically to the way they did in DMZ. Drive in and your vehicle will be repaired and refueled, so long as you aren't under attack. Additionally, If you blow a tire, jump out and repair it by interacting with it.

This Achievement requires that you run down 100 Zombies in a single deployment but that doesn't mean it needs to be the same vehicle. If your car or truck does blow up, just grab another vehicle and keep going.

Our final tip for this is to try get it done in the Low Threat Zone as the zombies will do far less damage to the vehicle and can all be killed by a single running over. In the Higher Threat Zones you will face bigger enemies that can't be runover.

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