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How to Open the Vault In Fortune's Keep Warzone Easter Egg Guide Season 2

| GNG Gaming News | Published: February 8, 2024 |

Fortune's Keep has returned in Warzone Season 2 and it has a whole bunch of brand new Easter Eggs for players to complete and unlock exclusive rewards. This is a guide on how to complete the Easter Egg that opens the Vault buried below the Islands Castle.

Fortune Favors the Brave Easter Egg Guide

Step 1 - Locate the Vault

The first step of this Easter Egg is to locate the Vault. It is accessed via the Throne room of the Fortune's Keep Keep. This will be available to the entire lobby so it is recommended you head straight there at the start of the match as once opened it cannot be replicated.

Land at ground level and head towards the North end of the Keep. This is where you will begin the Easter Egg. Locate the Keep's Throne Room.

Step 2 - Open the Secret Stairwell

Once inside the Throne Room, head over to the large red Throne at the back of the room. To the left and right of the Throne it's self you will see two torches on the wall.

Light both this torches and crouch on the Throne looking towards the mosaic in the centre of the floor. Once you've done this a secret stairwell will appear where the mosaic floor was.

Head down the Secret Stairwell to find the Vault doors. Remember, at this point any player in the lobby can follow you down there and wipe you or your team so either keep an ear out or let one of your squad cover the stairs.

Step 3 - Unlock the Vault

This is where it gets a little bit trickier. To open the vault you need a combination. For this next step you will need a fire-type lethal such as a Molotov or Thermite. You can either gather these things before hand or pick one up in the Vault room. You will find Molotov's and Thermites laying around the room.

Throw a Molotov or Thermite at the Vault Door. This will cause a fire effect on the Vault Door. Once the flames die down, 3 or 4 of the 8 circles around the door will glow red. You need to light the Torches around the room that match the location of each glowing red circle on the door.

You may also need to extinguish some of the torches for the combination to match up. Once you have the correct torches lit, throw another Molotov or Thermite at the door and flames will spit out of the 3 holes above the Vault. The door will then swing open and you have unlocked a Weapon Sticker and tons of loot.

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