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Building 21 is a new top secret area coming to DMZ. You'll need a keycard to access it though.

| 19 December 2022 |


DMZ is getting a new location, Building 21. If you need to know more about this area, you can read more about it HERE. To access Building 21 you will need a Keycard to access it. Luckily you can start farming these right now in Al Mazrah. Here are all the ways you can obtain one of the cards in-game.

Building 21 Access Key Cards

There are 3 different types of Access Cards.

  • Blue Access Card

  • Red Access Card

  • DRC Building 21 Access Card


One of the best ways to farm Building 21 Access Cards is through strongholds. You will need to find or infil with a Stronghold Keycard and head to a stronghold. You want to find orange loot caches, these are the most likely to drop the DRC Access Cards. Stronghold Keycards have unlimited uses so you can drive from Stronghold to Stronghold trying to farm these cards through matches.

Denied Areas

These AI dense locations are a great place for finding and opening orange loot crates. Denied Areas can be found in several locations across Al Mazrah. Most of these will again require a Key but some are free to access like in Rohan Oil and Airport. Again, you are mainly looking for orange loot caches.

Commander Helo

When the Commander Helo spawns in, head to its location, shoot it down and collec the dropped Supply Drop. It is extremely likely to contain a Building 21 Keycard. Note: if you shoot at it from a distance it will begin to follow you. Sadly, the Commando Helo won't spawn every match.

Golden Supply Drops

Around the 9 minute mark into a match 3 Golden Supply Drops will land on the map. These will most likely have the Access Cards you are looking for. Be warned that these Drops are marked on the map for every single player in the game so you might not be the only one gunning for it.

Enemy Players

The final obvious places you will find the Keycards is in the cold dead hands of your enemies. Loot dead players to find the cards they have gathered. This one goes both ways. If you die carrying cards then they can be looted by enemy players.

As with all Keys you MUST successfully exfil to store the Building 21 Access Cards in your Key Stash. As soon as the area goes live everyone is going to be trying to find these keys which will make it much harder so start your stockpiling now.

The Chimera Assault Rifle (Call of Duty: Ghost's Honey Badger) will be uobtainable from Building 21. Find and extract with the weapon to permanetly unlock it in your armoury. Rumours suggest Modern Warfare 2019's Operator, Velikan will be featured in the map. He will probably be a boss like the chemist in Al Mazrah that you need to hunt and eliminate to obtain the Chimera weapon case.

Once we have more details about Building 21 we will be sharing them on the website and across our Twitter page so be sure to follow both to keep up to date with the latest.


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