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How to get Tac-Stance kills in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 15, 2023 |

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Zombies has a bunch of Weapon Camo's for players to grind for. They include tasks like getting Mangler kills, or reaching 250 kills etc. One of these challenges is to get 250 kills whilst in Tac-Stance. This is a guide on how to use Tac-Stance.

How Tac-Stance Works

Tac-Stance is a new feature introduced in Modern Warfare III although a similar feature was included in Modern Warfare II. It acts like a blend of Hipfire and ADS.

Your Operator will slant their weapon sideways, much like the 'Canted' scopes did in Modern Warfare II. But with Tac-Stance you will constantly be aiming at an angle.

How to Enter Tac-Stance

Entering Tac-Stance will obviously be different for Controller and Mouse & Keyboard players.

  • On MKB you'll need to aim downsights (Left Mouse Button by Default) and then melee (V by Default) at the same time. This will bring you into the Tac-Stance. Repeat to exit Tac-Stance.

  • Controller players need to follow a similar method, enter Aim Down Sights by holding down the Left Trigger or L2 and the Down on the D-Pad at the same time. Repeat to exit Tac-Stance.

The Tac-Stance Challenges appear on multiple weapons during the Zombies Camo grind so this is worth knowing.

Once you have reached the 250 kills needed for these challenges, an on-screen notification will pop-off letting you know it is complete.

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