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GNG News COD | Published: November 26, 2023 |


There is a secret Motorbike in Modern Warfare Zombies that is so rare that many players don't even know it exists. The 'Blood Burner' is one of the coolest features in the new Zombies mode from Treyarch. It has virtually unlimited health, refuels itself from killing zombies and has a powerful attack that can insta-kill the Stormcaller boss. It can even drive on water.

The Blood Burner is a highly sought after vehicle on Urzikstan due to its overpowered-ness. It can be incredibly hard to find but we have put together a map of all the current known locations that it can spawn in-game.

These are the locations you are going to want to check pretty early in the game before other players discover the bike. Unfortunately, the bike will not appear on your Tac-Map or Mini-Map until you are within close proximity to it so you have to visit these locations and hope it is there.

As we previously stated this is an awesome way to take out the Stormcaller Boss Zombie that can be found inside the Gas. Eliminating this Boss is required in the Act 3 Tier 4 'Closing Time' Mission. Using the Aether Bike's 'Pulse' attack will make short work of him.

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