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How to find Shells in LEGO Fortnite

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 11, 2023 |


Shells are important part of the LEGO Fortnite experience. They are used for various builds and are essential to Upgrading the Village Square. They can be on the rarer side to come across out in the open world.

Shells are dropped by eliminating Rollers or occassionally Skeletons. Rollers are the ball-like enemy that you will come across in all Biomes. Each Biome offers a slightly different variation of the 'Shell' like Sand etc.

Rollers are buried under the ground and will sprout up when you get close. You can identify them at a distance from the small yellow flowers on their circular heads. When they pop out, they look like an armored Spider with multiple legs.

Defeating Rollers will give you at least 1 Shell every time. Be warned, they have a variety of attacks including a type of Death Roll that smashes into you. They can deal a lot of damage. Use these Shells for Upgrades and Builds.

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