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This is an easy to follow guide that helps you gain access to the Koschei Complex in Al Mazrah.


Here is our step by step guide on accessing the DMZ Koschei Complex with Al Mazrah. Koschei Complex is an underground bunker run by the Russians that will test players as they battle against tough AI, enemy players and an assault of booby traps.

Getting into Koschei Complex:

1. Deploy to Al Mazrah

2. Find 1 of the 4 entrances (these are marked on the map with a '?')

  • Rohan Oil

  • Under the Bridge East of Taraq Village

  • Al Mazrah City Underground Car Park

  • 4th Location is currently unknown

3. Head through the blown up walls until you reach a large blast door.

4. Interacting with this door will initiate the Koschei Complex matchmaking (anyone who is not next to the door will remain in Al Mazrah). After a short countdown timer you will be transported to the Koschei Complex

Getting in is the easy part. Be sure to stay tuned for more guides, tips and tricks to help you survive in Koschei Complex. Follow us on Twitter for daily Call of Duty News and more.


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