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How to complete Up To Snuff in Gray Zone Warfare (Handshake Task)

Up To Snuff Gray Zone Warfare Task

Up To Snuff is a Task in Gray Zone Warfare from the Handshake Vendor at Base Camp. It requires you to retrieve some intel from Hunter's Paradise and bring it back to the base of operations to give to the man himself.

Vendor: Handshake

Task: Up To Snuff

Objective: Bring the VIP program client list to Handshake

Rewards: M4A1, $5500, 1000 XP, 150 Vendor Reputation

Location: Hunter's Paradise

Hunter's Paradise - Up To Snuff Task Location
Hunter's Paradise - Up To Snuff Task Location

Up To Snuff takes you out to the Hunter's Paradise resort in the North of Lamang. You need to find and bring back the VIP clients list for the high-end business. The list can be found in a small house (yellow truck outside) just off the firing lanes in Hunter's Paradise.

VIP Client List Location - Up To Snuff Task
VIP Client List Location - Up To Snuff Task

Once you have fought your way through the enemy AI and located the building, go inside and look for a small coffee table. The Client List can be found here.

Place the Guest List in your SafeLock container for safe keeping. If you should perish on your way back to Base Camp, the Guest List will remain safely in your safety deposit box and you can still claim the rewards.

VIP Client List - Up To Snuff
VIP Client List - Up To Snuff

The rewards for completing this Task include a fully kitted out M4A1 with a suppressor and impressive scope that can scope in from 1x to 4x. You will also receive $5500 in cash, 1000 XP, and 150 Vendor Reputation for Handshake.

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