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| GNG News COD | Published: July 31, 2023 |


Players may already be aware that Al Mazrah offers the ultimate challenge for the top dogs in Warzone. The Champions Quest. Players must win multiple matches in a row and then gather various nuclear items whilst being hunted by the entire lobby to literally drop a nuke in the game and instantly win the match. It comes with exclusive sought after rewards.

Warzone Season 05 will introduce the Champions Quest to Vondel. It works in a similar way but there are some subtle changes that are worth taking note of if you and your squad are thirsty to get one on the latest map set in the Netherlands.

Vondel Champions Quest Challenge Requirements:

  • Win 5 Mini Battle Royale matches in a row.

  • All elements must be held and never dropped (Example: Can't be dropped in the water and saved for later in the match).

  • If an item is dropped it must be recaptured to continue the Quest.

  • There are 3 brand-new elemental compounds to capture as part of the Quest.

Gallium - Holding Gallium reveals all nearby team members who held it previously, as if you were affected by a Snapshot Grenade.

Dueterium - This fatigues any Operator, which includes causing them to cough if they try sprinting.

Neptunium - This periodically electrocutes all nearby Operators as well as hay-wiring vehicles, with similar effects as the Shock Stick.

The Vondel 'Champions Quest' will be available to all players at the start of Warzone Season 05 on August 2.

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