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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: October 18, 2023 |


The Modern Warfare II and Warzone Halloween Haunting event update is out now. With it comes a new 'Soul Capture' event that works in a similar fashion to the Trophy Hunt event seen back in Season 03 of Warzone and MWII. Players must collect souls from dead enemies and AI and redeem them for exclusive items in the Soul Capture event store.

To access the Souls Capture page head to the menu of Warzone / Modern Warfare II and click on 'The Haunting' tab. Here you will see how many Souls you have collected and the items that can be redeemed and their cost.

Souls are gathered from dead enemies or AI. These souls can be collected in any mode available within Modern Warfare II, Warzone and DMZ but there is a cap for each mode per game. Find each modes cap below.

Game Mode Soul Caps

  • Haunting 24/7 - 12 Souls

  • Trick or Treat - 12 Souls

  • Zombie Infected - 8 Souls

  • DMZ - 16 Souls

  • Warzone - 20 Souls

As you can see DMZ and Warzone offer the highest Soul amount per match but these rounds tend to take a lot longer than Multiplayer matches.

As Souls are a reward for killing enemy players and AI, we recommend using DMZ as it contains real players but more importantly AI Bots that are far easier and more common to cross paths with.

Souls are glowing green skulls that drop when you dispatch enemies, they won't always drop but when they do be sure to physically move over them to collect them.

When you have unlocked 10 and 15 items during the Soul Capture event you will unlock 2 additional rewards in the form of two Halloween-themed Operator Skins.

If you have pre-ordered Modern Warfare III Vault Edition you can now use the M4 'Soul Harvester' Weapon Blueprint. Using this weapon will double the amount of Souls dropped by departed enemies making it much faster to unlock those rewards. Although, each game mode has its cap so this isn't really that OP.

More Soul Capture items will be available to unlock on October 24. Souls will carry forward to this second phase so get saving up now.

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