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How to complete the 'Lost and Found' Task in Gray Zone Warfare

| GNG News COD | Published: May 4, 2024 |

Lost and Found is an early mission in Gray Zone Warfare that is handed to you by the Lab Rat Vendor at Base Camp. Finding the exact location can prove to be slightly tricky so we've got you covered.

Lost and Found requires you find Kanoa Sinarath, a clerk from the local Construction Shop that was last seen during the final stages of evacuation and his family are after answers.

You will find the Construction Shop at 172 199 coordinates. The shop is just south of Lumberyard and East of the Water Tower. Landing at the Bravo 2 LZ will get you fairly close to the location.

Once you have located the Construction Shop you'll need to head inside and find the body of Kanoa. We've added a picture of the outside of the building to help you find it easier.

You will find Kanoa Sinarath dead on the ground and a notification will pop off to let you know that the Task has been completed. A Subobjective will ping off asking you to collect the Medallion from around the bodies neck and bring it back to Lab Rat at Base Camp.

Head back to Base Camp. Bravo 2 will be the closest place to hitch a ride from. Once you have returned, hand the Medallion over to Lab Rat and complete the Task.

You'll gain Cash, XP, and Vendor Reputation for completing this task in Gray Zone Warfare.


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