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How to complete 'Little Bird Down' Task in Gray Zone Warfare

GNG News COD Published: May 4, 2024

Little Bird Down is one of the starter missions in Gray Zone Warfare. It is the first mission that will get you to explore a little bit further out of the starting town and even result in the third LZ Bravo 3 becoming available to land at.

Vendor: Handshake.

Task: Little Bird Down.

Objective: Find the crashed helicopter north of the gas station.

Rewards: M4A1, $2700, 400 XP, 100 Vendor Reputation.

red dot (right) is the main objective, blue dot (left) is the sub-objective

To complete this Task you will need to travel just north of the starting town's Gas Station. Head towards the first tree line directly north of the station and you will see a down little bird helicopter with a deceased pilot trapped inside. (red dot on the map above).

Once you have found the crashed helicopter, stand close enough to it that the Task notification pings off to let you know it is done. When this happens a Sub-objective will be added to the Task. Find what happened to the little birds crew.

Head south west to the nearby structure. You will find that the crew have also perished (marked by blue dot on the map at the top of this article).

This will complete the Little Bird Down Task and can be handed in at Base Camp to Handshake. He will give you an M4, some cash, and some XP for your operators level and vendor reputation.

Visiting the location of the down Little Bird will also unlock the Bravo 3 landing zone making travel to the starting town that little bit more easier.


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