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How to complete 'Leave No Man Behind' Task in Gray Zone Warfare

GNG News COD Published: May 1, 2024

Leave No Man Behind is one of the starting missions in Gray Zone Warfare. It requires you travelling to the starting town and dropping a tracker on a dead body near the Town Hall. You will be handed a tracker from Gunny that will automatically be placed in your Locker so be sure to drag it out into your SafeLock box for safe keeping.

Vendor: Gunny.

Task: Leave No Man Behind.

Objective: Locate the body. Mark the location of the body.

Rewards: AMP12 Backpack, $3400, 400 XP, 100 Vendor Reputation.

Upon accepting this mission, Gunny will hand you a tracker that you need to take into town and drop on a dead body. The Tasks description places the body somewhere in the vicinity of the Town Hall. Below is an image of the building on the street we are looking for.

You'll need to head to the marked location on the map above to discover the body. It is tucked away in a small area behind the building above.

Bonus tip: When completing Tasks in Gray Zone Warfare is to look out for blood splatters. They act as an additional clue to help you locate the harder to find places.

Once you have found the body, walk over to it until the 'Place GPS Tracker' prompt appears and drop the tracker on it. This will complete the 'Leave No Man Behind' Task. Hand it in at the Base Camp to Gunny.

For completing this Task you will receive an AMP12 backpack, $3400, 400 XP, and 100 Vendor Reputation.


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