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How to complete It's In The Water in Gray Zone Warfare (Lab Rat Task)

its in the water lab rat task gray zone warfare

It's in the Water is a Task in Gray Zone Warfare handed to the player by the Lab Rat vendor at Base Camp. This mission requires you to travel to the Ban Pa region of Lamang, found in the Southwest of the island.

Vendor: Lab Rat

Task: It's in the Water

Objective: Collect all samples (Avian tissues, water, and ground samples)

Rewards: 3 x SBlood, $6300, 1000 XP, 150 Vendor Reputation

This Task takes place in the fishing village of Ban Pa which is located in the southwest of Lamang. You can helicopter ride to either India 1 or India 2. You will need to move through the entire village to complete this task so either is fine but for our guide purposes we are landing at India 1.

Ground Samples

Ground Samples mound
Ground Samples (Task: It's in the Water)

Coordinates: 206 137

Head to the above coordinates and look for the large dirt mound found on the shoreline. Once you get close enough to the mound you will be able to take the Ground Samples. Place it in your SafeLock for safe keeping.

Water Samples

water samples its in the water task
Water Samples (Task: It's in the Water)

Coordinates: 205 137

Next we are heading into the heart of the Ban Pa village to collect some water samples from the local well. We recommend taking your time in Ban Pa as the AI bots are insane shots. Once you reach the Well, get close enough that the interact button appears and collect the Water sample.

Avian Samples

Avian Samples Task It's in the Water
Avian Samples (Task: It's in the Water)

Coordinates: 205 136

The final sample you need to collect is Avian and can be retrieved from a bloody birdhouse at the above coordinates. The Birdhouse is found in the garden of one of the shacks on the shoreline at the coordinates.

You have now collected all three samples needed to complete this mission. Place them all in your SafeLock so they are not lost and return to Base Camp to collect your rewards from Lab Rat.


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