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How to complete 'First Hit' in Gray Zone Warfare (Handshake Task)

First Hit Gray Zone Warfare Task

First Hit is a Task handed to the play by Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare. It requires you to head into the starting town and take out a Criminal Leader at the Marketplace.

Vendor: Handshake

Task: First Hit

Objective: Neutralize the criminal leader in Nam Thaven

Rewards: EXFIL Helmet, $4500, 400 XP, 100 Vendor Reputation

Marketplace Map Location
Marketplace Map Location

No need for Faction coordinates for this one in our opinion. The Criminal Leader can be found in the starting town's Marketplace. Its the main building in the centre of each starting town.

It is the heaviest defended area of the town with plenty of enemy AI to fight your way through. The Leader's spawn is a bit random but he will usually spawn inside the building either on the ground or first floor.

Starting Town Marketplace Building
Starting Town Marketplace Building

The Criminal Leader is found inside the building above. Clear out all the enemy AI and sooner or later you will come across him. He can be distinguished by his Red beret. Once you have taken him down, the Task Complete notification will instantly pop off.

Criminal Leader - First Hit
Criminal Leader - First Hit

This is one of the tougher missions that the player has likely faced up until this point. The area is swarming with enemy AI and the Criminal Leader is a bit more alert compared to standard bots.

First Hit Task Completed

Once you have killed the Criminal Leader, head back to Base Camp and turn it in to Handshake to collect your rewards.


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