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How to complete 'Cache Retrieval' Task in Gray Zone Warfare

| GNG News COD | Published: May 4, 2024 |

Cache Retrieval is another early mission in Gray Zone Warfare handed to the player by the Gunny Vendor at Base Camp. This mission requires you collect 2 Transmitters and plant them on some supplies located in the starting town.

Upon accepting this mission, Gunny will hand you 2 GPS trackers. They will automatically go into your Locker so be sure to drag them out and place them in your backpack. I'd advise you place them in your Safe Locker so they don't get lost should you die several times.

There are 2 locations that players must visit, one at Lumberyard and one at Warehouse. Both are marked on the map above. Bravo 2 is probably the best location to land at.

Towns Lumberyard - 172 119

The first location you will come to after landing at Bravo 2 LZ, is the towns Lumberyard. You will see a small green shake on the East side of the Lumberyard. You'll need to pop in here and place the tracker on a pile of boxes.

Towns Warehouse - 172 117

The second location you will need to visit is the Town Warehouse and drop the final tracker on some more boxes. You can see an image of the building above. You'll need to head around the far side of the building and enter the door on the right hand side.

Once inside you will again find a pile of boxes that you need to place the tracker on. You will be given an on-screen prompt to place the tracker in the correct location.

You should now have completed the Cache Retrieval tasks and it can be handed in at Base Camp to Gunny.

Completing this task for Gunny will reward you with ammo, grenades, cash, XP, and Vendor Reputation.


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