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How to Complete Act IV 'Bad Signal' in Modern Warfare Zombies

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 8, 2023 |


Modern Warfare III Season 1 is out now and it brings a new Storyline Act to Modern Warfare Zombies. This Act will see players enter the Dark Aether for the first time in MW3. Players must enter a portal to be teleported to the Dark Aether, kill some stuff and get out to complete the mission. It can be a bit tricky first time around.

  • Investigate the Anomaly

  • Leave the Dark Aether

How to Complete Act IV 'Bad Signal' in MWZ

The first objective is to enter the Dark Aether Rift. This can be found on you Tac-Map as an Extraction marker. It is located in the Medium Threat Zone just south of the High Threat Zone.

Once you have interacted with the Rift, all players will need to manually enter the Tac-Map and Vote YES. If squad members don't vote or vote no you will not be able to enter.

Once everyone has voted yes, you will be transported to the Dark Aether after a short loading screen.

Upon entering you will be met by a large horde of Tier II Zombies and Special Zombies so my advice is taking at least Tier II Pack-a-Punched weapons, Self-Revives, and essential perks.

You need to find all 4 seals and eliminate zombies around them. Once activated a circle will appear around the seal. Eliminate Zombies and Specials inside the circle to fill the bar and move on to the next one.

When you have cleared all 4 seals you will get a notification to say you can Extract from the Dark Aether, head to the Exfil location.

Once you reach the Dark Aether Extraction point an Aether Worm will appear. This one is much more tanky than the one seen at the end of Act III and he has new special attacks. With a decent squad it's not much trouble but will take longer. My advice is to keep a fair distance from him and stay close to cover so his powerful beam attack can be dodged.

When you have defeated the Aether Worm a Reward Rift will open and gift you the 'Locked Diary' item and you can leave the Dark Aether. This item is used in a future Easter Egg.


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