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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: November 10, 2023 |


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Zombies is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Battlenet. There is plenty of Challenges, Achievements and Secrets to discover within the mode. This is a guide on how to activate the Deadbolt Turret's that are found around Urzikstan.

How to Active the Deadbolt Turret

The first thing you need to do is locate a 'Turret Circuit'. These can be found in loot caches around Urzikstan. They are blue tiered loot so aren't that common but I opened a tool box and found 2 together.

Once you have found a 'Turret Circuit' you need to locate a Deadbolt Turret. These can be seen on the mini-map as an icon of a turret. See below for reference.

Get yourself over to the Deadbolt Turret and interact with it. You need to press the button that allows you to 'Open'. For me this was the F key on PC. This will pop open the Deadbolt Turret. Place the 'Turret Circuit' into one of the 4 slots and then close it. Once closed the Deadbolt Turret will activate and begin very aggressively taking down Zombies.

Once activated the Deadbolt Turret will stay active for about a minute, eliminating any Zombie or Human AI that it can see in a full 360 degrees. I haven't tested it yet but it could be that inserting more Turret Circuits could increase the length of time the Turret is activated.

The Deadbolt Turret is insanely powerful, ripping through enemies of all difficulties so knowing how to activate them is well worth knowing. Especially as you enter the higher Threat Levels.

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