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These two classic game modes are set to make a return to Call of Duty soon.


If you played Modern Warfare 2019 or Black Ops Cold War you may be familiar with the game mode Gunfight. In Gunfight players were paired up with a team-mate, the last team standing at the end of the round won. It was an insanely popular mode and even beta tested its own in-game tournaments at one point.

Call of Duty: Vanguard didn't include Gunfight as a mode, instead replacing it with Champions Hill. Gunfight looks set to return, if leaks are to be believed. a Twitter user recently posted a bunch of 'leaked' images and within these images were the logos for Gunfight and Gun Game in Modern Warfare II. The images have since been DCMA'd (usually a tell tale sign of legitimacy, but not always.) and sadly, can no longer be viewed.

It is no secret that Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 are 'down bad' at the moment. With Infinity Ward and its partnered Studios taking a much deserved break over the Holidays it has left the game untouched with patches, bug fixes, content and more that it so desperately needs. This has seemingly turned players off booting up either of the games with the player count dropping.

These modes, if they arrive at all, will likely be included with the Season 02 update that is expected 1 February 2023, if the Battle Pass countdown timer is to be believed.


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