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GTA 5 Source Code and Bully 2 Files Leak Online via Discord Server

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 25, 2023 |

Rockstar Games has been having a bit of a rough time lately. Earlier in the month their Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer leaked before it was scheduled to be revealed to the world. Sadly, the leaks have continued, with the GTA 5 source code and files relating to Bully 2 being leaked via a Discord server.

A Source Code leak is the absolute worst nightmare for Game Developers. It essentially means that every line of code is accessible and open to theft and manipulation. Nefarious entities can use this base code to create cheats or hack further into the game and it's Online service.

Developers can also copy and paste the code into their own game or build upon the existing code, creating their own revenue stream from the hard work, time and money that Rockstar Games has put into it. This is of course (grand) theft but there are certainly companies that will utilize this intel.

Files relating to an unannounced Bully 2 were also found. It is unclear if this is an upcoming sequel to the incredibly popular 'Bully' that released in October, 2006. Bully follows the exploits of a private school bully. It remains to be seen if this game will ever release.

Rockstar Games have gained a legendary status for taking swift and extremely firm action against anyone who breaks into their cyber-space. Most recently going after Lapsus$, the small group responsible for leaking the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer early.

It is believed that these files have been in the wrong hands since the massive 2022 hack that Rockstar Games suffered and that the timing is a retaliation to the crackdown on Lapsis$ members.

This leak is bad news for Rockstar Games, the players, and the gaming industry from a cyber-security perspective. It is unclear how much access this will give online criminals to players information and the online services integrity.

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