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Fortune's Keep Rogue Signal Public Event in Warzone Season 2 Explained

Updated: Mar 1

| GNG Gaming News | Published: February 5, 2024 |

Fortune's Keep is returning to Warzone in Season 2 on February 7. It has been updated and improved since we last saw it with changed POI's, new Easter Eggs, and the Modern Warfare III mechanics, weapons and features.

A new public event is coming to the map at launch, Rogue Signal. This competitive public event will periodically appear, pitting you against other Operators and squads in a 90-second objective-based mission.

How does Rogue Signal work?

When Rogue Signal in-game Event begins all teams will be given an objective to complete. This could be to get the most kills, deal the most damage to players, or open the most loot caches.

Each team will have 90 seconds to do as much of the objective as they can with the top 3 teams receiving cash prizes of varying amounts and the location of the special Reward Cache.

The Reward Cache remains locked for 30 seconds after the Rogue Signal event. Which ever team in the match reaches and opens the Reward Cache first gets the contents.

Two out of three of these rewards are currently REDACTED but we do know that one of the three Rewards includes Wonder Weapons from the Modern Warfare Zombies mode (We've seen the DG-2 Wunder Waffe and the Raygun so far in promotional material.)

Reward Cache rewards will be randomized each time and do not remain with you after the match.

When Season 2 and Fortune's Keep are available we will be posting a detailed guide on how best to complete this Event so be sure to stay tuned.

You can check out the new and improved Fortune's Keep with this official flythrough down below.


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