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Fortune's Keep: Opening Cursed Chests Easter Egg Guide

A new type of chest has been added to Fortune's Keep in the build up to Season 4 Reloaded. They're a bit more dangerous than your average chest.


Call of Duties mid-way season content update 'Reloaded' is coming on July 28th but we've already seen some new content making it into the game. Fortune's Keep has a new style of loot chest for players to scavenge from. This new chest has a twist though, once you open it, zombies will spawn and try to kill you.

Step 1 - Find a Cursed Chest

The Cursed Chests will spawn at fixed locations across Fortune's Keep. The locations are as follows.

  • Winery - Head down to the Wine Cellar.

  • Keep - Found in the central courtyard of the Keep.

  • Church - To the left of the Keep is a large Church. a Chest is found in here.

  • Grotto - Drop into the hole in the South of the island to find this one underground.

  • Building - Large building with tower near Graveyard

If you are struggling to find them a Skull Icon appears on the minimap to show their location.

Step 2 - Activate the Cursed Chest

Once you have located one of the Cursed Chests you need to activate it. Opening them is the same as any other chest, interact with it. The difference this time is that Zombies will start to spawn in.

Step 3 - Kill Zombies and Collect Wisps

Kill the zombies as fast as you can and collect the purple Wisps that appear from their bodies. Collect enough Wisps and the zombies will stop spawning and the chest will open.

There are three different types of Zombies that you will encounter.

  • Normal - These are the easiest to kill

  • Armoured - Slightly harder to kill as they have armour

  • Gas - These green eyed zombies will throw gas grenades at you and give off a gas cloud once killed.

A further threat to anticipate is enemy players. This whole process is very loud and the chests location is shared with all players on the minimap. Beware of being ambushed.

Step 4 - Enjoy the Spoils

once you have collected enough wisps from killing zombies the crate will pop open and plenty of decent loot will spill out. We had self-revives, killstreaks, perks and more on our run.

Final Thoughts

This is a fun little mini-event to keep players entertained. As always, it is high-risk, high-reward as you can get third partied at any point or even killed by the zombies if you aren't paying close attention. Hopefully these smaller events can become more frequent.

A final note from us is don't try to melee the zombies to death. We attempted it and it just wouldn't die. Video below for reference.



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