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Fortune's Keep: Fountain Easter Egg Guide (Warzone)

This is a guide on how to complete the Fountain Easter Egg on Fortune's Keep, the new resurgence map for Warzone.


Fortune's Keep Fountain Easter Egg

This is one of the easiest Easter Eggs to complete in the history of Call of Duty. It requires you go to winery and spend some cash, in return you'll be rewarded with a random item.

Step 1 - Drop into 'Winery'

Head over to 'Winery' on the Eastern side of the map. In the middle of the buildings you'll see a fountain (marked on the map below). It doesn't matter what stage of the game you do this one and it can't be completed by someone else first, its available all game to all players.

Step 2 - Toss a coin

Much like a wishing well this fountain feeds on your hard-earned cash supply. Go up to it and drop money into it. You'll get a random reward for doing so.

We had a wide variety of items thrown out at us from it including orange weapons, equipment and even perks. We haven't tested it properly yet but we suspect the more cash you throw in the greater the reward you will get in return.



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